Wedding Photography


Looking for a photographer that understands that it’s YOUR wedding day, and YOUR memories that are important? Look no further! We are professional, and get all the formalities out of the way with a minimum of fuss, so that you can RELAX and enjoy your day.

We specialise in small, intimate and quirky weddings (having a star wars entrance, you need us!). Our style is warm, friendly, candid and emotive, we get the perfect image because we listen to YOU and know what you want.

Because we feel that it is VERY important that we fit in well with your dreams and visions of your wedding memories, we offer to treat you to coffee and cake before you sign anything!




Did you just read that right?? YES!  Our studio understands budgets.  We also know how personal your wedding memories are to YOU, and that you have specific memories that you want us to provide.  Our set wedding packages are merely a guide and starting point for giving you those perfect memories. We choose ONE wedding per month for this service, so contact us NOW!

If you fill in our contact form (below), and let us know your wedding date and budget for wedding photography, we will put together a package JUST FOR YOU that fits within that budget. Easy!  We want to help lower the amount of running around and stress involved in organising your wedding day. To see a gallery of past weddings please click here

You have NOTHING to lose, and a whole lot to gain!

To see our wedding magazine with more information about working with us to create your memories please click the button below. 

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