Boudoir Mini Sessions

Boudoir Mini Sessions are a great introduction to regaining your confidence. Each session has a theme, which takes a lot of the pressure off thinking about what to wear, and lets you concentrate on enjoying yourself, and relaxing. Fun is sexy! 

Mini Sessions are restricted to between 3 and 5 people, this makes sure that no one feels rushed, and everyone gets to feel pampered and special, while still having their privacy assured. We are more than happy to do special mini sessions just for you and friends, a great idea for the start of a Hen's night, a milestone birthday, or a girls night in or out! These private parties have their own rate. 

Previous mini session themes include: 

  • Bubble Bath
  • Milk Bath
  • Snakes - (We supply a lovely, tame pet python) 
  • Pure White
  • Bushland Nymph

Prices start from $250 and this includes makeup and a number of digital images. For more details on upcoming mini sessions follow our facebook page here, or get in touch to organise your party now. If you would like to see images of our boudoir sessions, please click here. 



Location Sessions

Love the outfit

Has your wedding outfit been sitting in your cupboard since your special day? Do you have a formal wear that you bought for an event and you've never worn it again? Was the weather unkind on your wedding day? Have you dreamt of beach wedding photos, even though you got married in the mountains? Do you have a wedding anniversary coming up, and you're looking for the perfect way to celebrate your marriage? Our 'Love the Outfit' sessions are the perfect chance for you to take those clothes out for another twirl. And if you like the idea, but you don't have a dress that suits, we have a variety of styles and sizes in our studio wardrobe that you can use, free of charge. 

Love the gown sessions work best in grand, outdoor settings. Walking ankle deep in the ocean, skipping through the forest like a nymph, posing majestically on the cliffs of the Great Ocean Road. These sessions also work in urban settings. Sitting eating hot jam donuts in front of the graffiti of Hosier Lane, playing hide and seek amongst the gothic architecture of Melbourne University, strolling hand in hand through the Royal Arcade. 

These sessions are designed to show your outfit the love it deserves. Your clothes will only get as wet or dirty as you decide. The price includes a selection of digital images, with prints of the photos you love available for purchase. Prices start from $300. To see images from our Love the Outfit sessions here. 


In-home boudoir

Intimate photos in your own home make a truly personal gift. There are few places you will feel more comfortable, and comfort is a foundation of confidence. These sessions are ideal for couples, or for those with young children, as you don't have to travel, find a babysitter, or convince your toddler to put matching shoes on. 

Carol is an expert in finding those places within your home that will reflect the emotion and style you have discussed with her before your session. You are encouraged to wear your own clothes, but we also have a selection of wardrobe, jewellery and props to enhance your personal style. 

These sessions start from $300. There is no additional cost for travel time, and they include hair and makeup, and your favourite image as a matted 5x7 print.