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Wait... where are the people in these images????

I LOVE to photograph people.  I think that's obvious by now.  

But I USED to photograph landscapes way back in the day.  And I thought I was ok at it.  I would spend days on the road with a friend, looking for just the right light, then get out of the car and contort myself to just the right angle to get 'that shot' (oh, how I wish I was still that flexible!).

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Trash my DRESS???!!! What ARE you talking about???

Trash the dress sessions are becoming quite common in Australia, after starting in Las Vegas 15 years ago, as a way of combining fashion photography in dingy, dirty areas, and traditional wedding photography . They are HUGE in Germany and other parts of Europe, and I am sure you have all seen pictures that range from serene brides floating in forest lakes, through to mud caked brides, paint spattered brides, and in one famous case, a wedding dress on fire (don’t panic, it was faked!)

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