Last of the Friday Freebies

Yes, I am so sorry to confirm the rumours, but it's true.

The last of the Friday Freebies is upon us.

While I was taking my break, five beautiful printable freebies quietly snuck onto the page, and their links didn't show, but there will be no more.

I have decided to take a new direction in the new year, more people have asked for hints and tips and help with improving their own photography, so I am working on ideas to give my readers what they want.

Enjoy the last of the free printable, and please feel free to share if you have used any of them.


First up was my Xmas gift to photographers, I would LOVE to see this on a T Shirt, what do you think??



You can find this lovely printable by clicking HERE

Second in the last of the free printable is this new year offering - I wish with all my being that 2016 is the year we all find hope.  Hope brings peace, love and joy, and there can be no greater things than these.



This printable, which would look just amazing printed on a textured cardstock and framed, can be downloaded in large format HERE

Of course, once you enter a new year, the first thing on peoples minds is Valentines Day.  Why??  Because, CHOCOLATE!  But to be fair to those who's new year resolutions is to give up chocolate (wait, what ARE you thinking?? DON'T DO IT!!), I have kept the Valentines printables about the joy of love, with just a little tongue in cheek nod to my fellow photographers as well.



These gorgeous pink owls will print out in a range of sizes suitable for a handmade card, right through to a large wall print, however you want to declare your love, these are perfect (A bill board may need a little extra work!)  You can get the file  HERE


The penultimate friday freebie is also about love, because love is important!  This one is for all of my photography friends as a small thank you for all that you have taught me, all the advice, the friendship, and for helping me to realise that my passion could become my livelihood.




I love the chalkboard style of this, combined with such a beautiful colour.  I really hope that if you are into photography, you will download the file that is HERE and print it out to enjoy.

And now it's time for the last printable.  To be honest, I am a little sad to bring these to an end, it's been wonderful fun for me, and I hope that you have gotten something from it too.

But, no tears!  My motto for 2016 is onward and upward, and so I leave you with this final, beautiful sentiment that truly comes from my heart.  Thank you all for joining me on the printable journey, and I hope that you will join me for what comes next.



Isn't it bright and cheery!  So useful for so many occasions, valentines card, wedding invitation, simple love note (oh, how I would smile if this was on top of my lunchbox one day).  Get it HERE and enjoy!