Another Friday Freebie

What's that you say?? It's Sunday??  Yes it is.  It took me a while to remember what day it was, the dreaded lurgy got hold of me last week, and I ended up in hospital for a little while, then a spell in bed at home.

Somewhere in the haze of painkillers, tissues and general feeling like death had rejected me as too ill, I forgot the Friday Freebie - bad me!!

But now, with the aid of super helpful husband (well, he tries, and needs to be patted on the head for his efforts), an attentive doctor and lots of rest, I am back at the keyboard.

I now present to you, LAST Friday's Freebie!

Another Chalkboard style sign, because I just LOVE them. Try getting it printed onto Matte Cardstock for the full effect.

This will print at many sizes, up to and including 16x20 inches, big enough for a real statement piece.

To access your own high resolution, and printable, copy of this lovely piece, just click here (Sorry Link no longer available). Yes, you will have to add it to the cart and checkout, but there will be absolutely NO charge, and no need to supply any financial details.

Please enjoy my no strings attached free printables, share the BLOG with any friends that you feel may like to get one of their own, and let me know if you have used one of my printables any where interesting.