SPOTLIGHT - Taya's Lovely Lingerie

As the new studio gets closer and closer, I am finding amazing self employed women to collaborate with to make it fantastic and true to my vision.

There are so many amazing small businesses right in my own backyard, and I love meeting with these women and finding ways we can benefit each other.  The northern Melbourne suburbs are overflowing with resourceful, beautiful and helpful women who have chosen not to be part of the corporate world, and instead to offer an exceptional level of personal service to their clients.

My first find is Taya, from Taya’s Lovely Lingerie.  Taya is a dynamo of enthusiasm and can do attitude, and her genuine desire to help women find the right fitting bra is so very refreshing.

Details of the beautiful items in Taya's range.  I LOVE that she came to me with a whole range of products, so that I could see how committed she was to helping me find just the right bra.

I don’t know about you ladies, but I always have dramas with bras, well, more specifically, their straps.  A youth spent in running based activities such as hockey and, well, running, have meant that my upper body was never really paid attention to, and I have almost NO width to my shoulders.  Bra straps, well, they fall down.  All. The. Time.  So much frustrate!  I have taken to wearing racer back sports style bras and cross over convertible style bras to stop myself having meltdowns over the errant straps.

Taya arrived with her suitcase full of amazing and well made bras from Inimo, such a range, and all in one place, just for me.  No hunting through racks, no back and forward to the change room only to groan and rip it off.  She was very knowledgeable about her products, listened to my tale of woe and then only made suggestions which would help.  I couldn’t believe that she didn’t try to talk me into something that would not be suitable using ‘just give this a try’, like so many retail salespeople have done in the past. 

We tried on various fits, to ensure that I had the absolutely perfect size in my order, we looked through options and Taya discussed helpful ideas with me, that I hadn’t thought of.

Gorgeous quality and great colour range.  I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of the details.


In the end, I chose to stay with my sports bra style, although it was a close call, with her range of very pretty bras being very tempting, and I can’t begin to say how impressed I was with the quality of the fabrics, the robust construction (no way one of those straps was going to unravel) and the excellent workmanship convincing me that I had definitely made the right choice in contacting Taya for a consultation.  Some of her gorgeous and practical clothes are next on my list.

Taya is based in Cragieburn, and offers her product range to individuals and small groups in the privacy of their own homes, she is professionally trained to fit and adjust your bra to the perfect fit.  I simply can’t recommend her enough if you, like myself, despair of ever finding a comfortable bra.

If you have a favourite Intimo bra that you would like to include in your session, don't forget to mention it at your complimentary styling session.