Ms S and Son. A rare session indeed.

I believe that I have mentioned that I do NOT normally advertise for family photography.  Although, it must be admitted, I really do enjoy it.

However, the locality that I work in is over saturated with "shoot and burn" photo takers.  I am sure you have seen their advertisements.  Half hour session outdoors, minimum 100 images on a disc for $50.  I shudder to think of the images they are producing, and will not enter into their field..  However, they do have their place in photography.  But they are not my competition, and I will not advertise to compete against them.  So, no family photos for me.

My clients and friends appreciate and value good photography, they understand the training and the expertise that goes into creating the sort of images that speak to the heart and will be treasured for years to come.  Images where not only candid moments are captured, but also everyone in the image is comfortable, happy and looking their best.

Ms S has been following my work for quite some time, she is the only daughter of my matron of honour from almost 30 years ago, so we sort of knew each other.  I must admit, I hesitated for a fraction of a second when she asked if I would consider doing a mother and son studio session for her to give my dear friend images for Mother's day.  But the doubt disappeared immediately.  I adore her gorgeous eyes, and her son's amazing smile and energy just light up a room.

The chance to pamper this single mother AND give her and her family beautiful images was one that I simply could not pass up.  These are the result, and I am happy to say that we are all thrilled with them.

Such a close bond between this gorgeous mother and her adorable son. The memories it brings back of when my own children were little make this one of my favourite sessions ever!

The session was completed in a very short time, because these two are so obviously close and happy.  Ms S needed barely any makeup to bring out her amazing features, although we both enjoyed the pampering of doing her hair and makeup, and I was thrilled to have solved a gift giving dilemma in a personal and meaningful way, so much better than the shopping mall 'cookie cutter' photographs that I remember from my own childhood!

After this incredibly positive experience, I may, very occasionally open up a day or two for sessions that are 'mummy and me', time will tell.