Not strictly a wedding theme...

Blog Post 01 August 2015

Our final July Friday Freebie Printable is now available, YAY!

Gosh, the last day of July already!! I can’t believe how fast the year is flying by me.  Did you know that it’s only NINETEEN Fridays until the new Star Wars movie is released??  I plan on having front row tickets to the very first screening in Melbourne!

But, back to free stuff.  This is our fourth and final wedding themed printable for this round.  To be honest, this one is a little more generic, and I would love to see it used for a milestone birthday, an engagement party, a celebration of life as well as love.  So if you know anyone planning a shindig of some sort, send them the link to my blog so that they can download this fun sign.

This gorgeous free chalkboard sign would look great printed on matte cardstock and placed on an easel at the entrance to a reception.


The link to the high resolution image is here (Sorry link no longer available) Like all my Friday Freebies, this is a very large file, and will print out at sizes up to 16x20, but be aware that if you choose a different size, it may crop some of the sides or top, so check it before you do so.   Please make sure that you use the image that is in the printables link and add it to your shopping cart, this low resolution preview above won't print out nice at all.

I would just love to see what you all are doing with these, why not grab a picture and put it on my facebook page here???

Who’s excited for next month?? Should I give you a hint as to the theme??  Hmm.. maybe I will put that on instagram as an exclusive for my followers there.  So much social media, so little time..

Look out next week for some images from my Western Australia trek, hopefully there will be landscapes and maybe even whales!