Friday Freebie, another for Brides

It's here!  The second friday Freebie.  Very similar style, perfect for a garden wedding.

Just head over to the Printables section (you will see the link at the top of this page) and add it to your cart.  Yes, you have to put in your email address, but you will NEVER ever get spammed.

I've had a few about these Friday Freebies, so I thought I would answer them here


Are they really free??

Yes, no strings attached, because of the way my website host works, you have to put them in a shopping cart and check out at zero cost, but you NEVER have to give any credit card information.  Ever.

Will all the freebies be wedding related??

Absolutely not!  But I know that brides plan well in advance, so the very first ones are for those organised brides, so that they can plan their gorgeous spring weddings.  Keep an eye out, I have some beautiful printables coming your way!

Do I have to be a client to get a freebie??

NO.  All you have to do is follow the link that I put up each Friday on the blog.  Some will be up early if I have a booking, but the blog will always have a thumbnail of what you are getting that week.

How long are these available for??

To be honest, I haven't decided, but they are definitely limited.  I will have to see how host space is going after a couple of months.  These files are BIG and take up quite a bit, so grab the ones you love as soon as you see them.

Can I give these to a friend if I can't use them??

I would much rather you share the link to my blog with them and let them download them themselves.  That way, they can see them all and grab all the freebies that they love,not just one, and it won't cost you any bandwidth.


I hope that helps out all the lovely people who emailed me questions.  And now, onto this weeks freebie!  Here is a preview, just click on the picture to get the high resolution file.

Our second Friday Freebie printable, I hope you use it, I LOVE looking over the guestbook from my wedding, 30 years later.

Isn't this a beauty??  I love this chalkboard effect, it prints out SO beautifully on matte cardstock.

Thanks for looking, and please, share the link around!