Freebie Friday - this will be a thing!

Generous to a fault.  That's how so many of the women that I admire are described, so I am modelling myself on them and giving back to YOU, my readers and fans.  I hope you enjoy this little gifts.  PLEASE share the link around, there is no limit on how many of these I will give away, and they will be available every single friday (I am going to schedule in advance when I am unavailable).

So, what are you getting for free?? It's a printable file, suitable for framing in many sizes.  There will be thems, and there will be a preview on this blog post, then a link to a separate gallery where you can download.

The files are high resolution, they have lots of different themes, and you are welcome to take them and use them for your own personal use, totally free of charge.  A gift from me to you to go a little way towards saying how much I appreciate you hanging around and reading my rambles.

But, enough talking (or typing).  Onto the freebie!

The first few will be wedding related, they print out at 16x20, so will fit a standard frame and be large enough for your guests to read, although you will need a commercial print house, such as Ted's, Office Works, or your local printer to do that size  There is a complete set of four, so feel free to come back each friday and download them.


Wouldn't this look lovely on an easel at the entrance to a garden wedding?? I am sure that even a church would love to have this in the Nave, but you would have to ask.


Here's the preview of this week, I hope you like it.  I have test printed it on cardstock and on smaller matte photo paper and it looks amazing.  I did the large test print on matte paper at a printer, and he loved it so much he asked for a copy :>

You can download your copy for printing off here, add the zero priced item to your cart to get the download link.


Thanks so much again, I hope you enjoy these little gifts