The beautiful Ms E - Christmas Gift session.

One of the hardest things about being a boudoir photographer is that many of my sessions are designed to be given as gifts.  This means that I can't talk about or show ANYTHING until after the gift has been given, it all has to be kept hush hush.

This was the case with the beautiful Ms E. Recommended by a previous client, her images were going under the tree for her husband.  The waiting has been killing me, because I LOVED creating these images for her.

E had a few ideas about what she wanted.  She brought several of her own outfits that were hubby's favourites and a novelty gift from his recent bucks night to add a personal touch.  We discussed poses together to enhance her favourite assets and put her mind at rest about the areas she didn't like.

Such amazing eyes, I know I have said it before, but eyes really draw me in as a photographer.


E's hair and makeup was done by me, I am far enough in my studies now that I am comfortable creating the style that we use most commonly in the studio, and having a mannequin and top quality products in my kit after listening to my tutors has been a big help, as I can practice on my days off.  She chose loose curls, which always looks better in boudoir than having your hair up.  Her eyes were so beautiful that we made a feature of them and kept the rest of her makeup natural and light.

Santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight!  I am thrilled to have captured E's wicked little grin for her husband's Xmas gift.


Thank you to Ms E for choosing me to create your Christmas gift and to Miss S who recommended me to her.  If you are thinking of booking a session, don't forget to ask about our referral bonuses.

Those eyes!  That gorgeous corset, those curls... dreamy sigh...