Hairstyling practice.

I am currently studying a diploma of specialist hair and makeup to expand my skills in the studio.  It's a lot of work, but so much fun, and I am really enjoying the hair styling side.

My hair Mannequin is called Anita, she has 100 percent human hair, and that should make it easy.  No.  Her hair isn't in a very natural growth pattern, and it's been processed a LOT, so it isn't very soft and silky.  But I am getting used to her.

One of my early bridal upstyles.


Mostly I have been practicing upstyles.  We don't use them a lot in the studio, long and luscious locks are more our signature look, but that's why Anita is good for practice.  I can do styles that I normally wouldn't get a chance to try out and learn some new skills.

Woven bun upstyle


If you have a favourite hair style that you think I should try on Anita, please comment and send a link or picture and I will do my best!.

Anita rocking a hollywood glamour look