Freebie Freebie FREEEBIE!!

It's a triple freebie week!  Well, it's me catching up, after realising my webhost had changed some settings and I hadn't noticed, so some of the freebies weren't uploaded - oh dear!

But it's all fixed now, and you can download these BEAUTIFUL images at the links underneath

This BEAUTIFUL watercolour fox would look so lovely printed on a textured paper and framed, where will you put him??  The large size printable file is available here

The second of the late freebies is in honour of all of those who have a December birthday.  My second daughters birthday is TODAY, and we worked very hard when she was young to separate out her birthday and Xmas, I hope this lovely printable will make it easy for you to do the same

While this cute watercolour trio would print out perfectly on card for a special gift tag, it would also be lovely in a frame and signed to hang in the kitchen for those that love to bake.  You can download a large version here.

And finally, we will actually get a day ahead of ourselves, because I found the same problem with TOMORROW's freebie, so you get it ahead of time!




I firmly believe that we rely too much on email to communicate these days, and I know how much I treasure the written letters and notes that I receive, so here is a lovely printable notepaper for you to revive the lost art of writing notes to friends 'just because'  Use it and imagine the smile on their face when they open this from the letterbox instead of another bill!  This notepaper is available here.


So, there you have it, we are up to date on the Friday freebies again, and I can now return to giving you lists of amazing wedding music, stay tuned (pun NOT intended), for the remainder of the fab songs that I have to share.