And the Freebies keep on coming

It's so hard to come up with something catchy and interesting to write about the freebies that I am sharing.

Let's face it, they are gorgeous  images, lots of different themes, and they are all free - what more do I really need to say?

Why do I share them?? Because I can.  I love to give things away, the look on people's faces when they realise that it really IS no strings attached makes my grin get bigger and bigger every time.

This week's freebie was originally created for a baby, and then a friend I gave it to hung it above her furkid's bed and it was beautiful and made me cry a little with joy.  They won't ever have human children, and their little rescue boy is so very loved and wanted.  My heart just sings when I visit and see the happiness in everyone's eyes.

Follow this link to get your very own, please note that it is quite unisex, and I would love to see it next to a frame of  your very own baby, human or fur.

Now we have everything sign

It's less than a month until Xmas, so it should be no surprise what our theme for the next few freebies will be.