Another Friday Freebie - and about time too!

Well, it's been a while.  Life gets in the way, particularly at this time of year.  We are in the middle of 'birthday season' in this house.  With six children and eight grandchildren, four parents, a cat and ourselves, there are a LOT of birthdays to celebrate between August and January!

The almost constant flow of choosing, wrapping and posting gifts has me thinking about family a lot.  We are spread over four states and 4000 kilometres, but we still think of each other and stay in touch in many ways, social media has been a godsend for us, instant photo sharing, quick and easy updates, I love it.  But there's nothing quite like having everyone around you at home, is there??

That segues into today's printable.  A lovely little thought that would look great on any family home wall.  I have printed ours on art cardstock (the same as our client's prints) and put it in the kitchen.  I love my kitchen, nearly as much as my teenager does, and it's truly heartwarming to look up from my labours in there and see this little reminder.

You can download this lovely piece here and I would recommend printing it no larger than A3, it's perfect in an A4 frame, which means your home printer will love it!  

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