Summer - Beach - Fashion

Well, it seems that I am getting right into this fashion on the beach scene.

And why not?? Melbourne beaches are very accessible, VERY photogenic and during the week, very quiet - perfect!

The lovely Claire on St Kilda beach.


This is the second shoot that Claire of, Madeleine Goldsmith (MUA) and I did, and it can now be seen on her blog.  

A summer afternoon is the perfect time to dance in the park.


Claire's love of St Kilda is infectious.  I must admit to not having spent a lot of time there as yet.  Living near the beaches of Perth recently, I became convinced that beach culture, while vibrant, was shallow and self serving, but St Kilda has certainly opened my eyes.  Families, pets, couples, singles, they are all represented in a wonderful blend of laughter, colour and noise.  Just the way I like it.

St Kilda has some amazing tree, look at the size of this gorgeous piece of nature.

As my faithful 1Dii was having a front focusing issue - these images were all taken on my backup 5dII with an 85mm sigma art lens and my trusty Sigma 70-200.

Beautiful avant garde style makeup completed Claire's winsome summer look.