My first helpful post

As promised, this blog won't just be full of creative images of my beautiful customers (although there will be plenty of those).

I want to help everyone who visits and reads to improve their OWN photography.  I want to help you realise the value of gorgeous memories.  I want you to realise the value of PRINTS.

First topic.  Photographing babies and children.  Not all of my readers will be interested in this, but a lot of this advice will go a long way to getting better pictures of your pets as well, so bear with me.

Here is an everyday 'happy snap' taken of my grand daughter by her mother, like most no photographers, she pointed the camera at my cutie standing in a room looking adorable and snapped, that's how it works, right??

Miss P loves music!

So, how could you improve this - here is the BIGGEST and BEST tip for photographing little people and animals.. get down onto their level.  Crouch, sit, lay on the floor if you have to - you will have a much better picture.

Tip 2 - FILL the picture with your subject - don't leave space.. and don't worry if you chop off a curl or two, or a foot or hand.

Here's an example I took this week.  Master T came into the studio with his gorgeous mother, who was having a contemporary beauty session, while she was changing, I got on the floor and snapped these - totally natural light in a normal room with a large window and curtains, just laid on my stomach in front of him and started saying silly words..

You can see the square window reflected in his eyes.  and I was using a long lens, so we didn't get his hands on the rug that he was laying on.  Does it matter?? NO!  It's a gorgeous picture of an adorable baby, and well worth framing (which is exactly what his mother did when I gifted it to her).

So.. get down with your kids and pets, play with them, then take a picture from their level, see if you prefer it to looking down on them.  I would love to see any pictures that you take using these hints.

Next up, Master T's gorgeous mother and her amazing pink hair, so much hair!